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Sparks Parent Video
Series by Age



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Video Series by Age

Visit the Sparks video series website to sign up for videos by text (standard messaging rates apply), or view them in the library below.

Videos in English

3-5 Day Visit:
Nice to
Meet You

1 Month Visit:
Small Moments, Big Connections

2 Month Visit:
Getting to Know Your Baby

4 Month Visit:
On a

6 Month Visit:
is New

9 Month Visit:
Increasing Independence

12 Month Visit:
Stepping Into Toddlerhood

15 Month Visit:
Fun &

18 Month Visit:
Curiosity &

2 Year Visit:
All By

2 1/2 Year Visit:
Out and

3 Year Visit:
& Imagination

4 Year Visit:
On Their

5 Year Visit:
A Great
Big World

Vídeos en Español

A los 3-5 Días:
Encantado de Conocerte

Al Primer Mes:
Momentos Pequeños, Conexiones Grandes

A los 2 Meses:
Llegando a Conocer a su Bebé

A los 4 Meses:

A los 6 Meses:
Todo Es

A los 9 Meses:

A los 12 Meses:
De Bebé a Niño Pequeño

A los 15 Meses:
Divertido & Frustrante

A los 18 Meses:
Curiosidad & Persistencia

A los 2 Años:
Por Si

A los 2 1/2 Años:
de Casa

A los 3 Años:
Independencia & Imaginación

A los 4 Años:

A los 5 Años:
Un Mundo

Parent-Focused Websites

Visit this website for a series of videos on caring for your newborn after discharge from the hospital. These include topics on sleep, feeding, bathing, swaddling, hygiene, when to call the doctor, and much more.

Zero to Three offers practical information to parents seeking to make good choices. Find online resources on sleep, play, brain development and much more on their website.

CDC Milestone Tracker

This CDC (Centers for Disease Control) website has information on developmental milestones, tips and activities to do with your child, and resources if you have concerns.

Positive Parenting Tips

The CDC’s Positive Parenting Tips webpage offers information, organized by age, to help you learn more about your child’s development, positive parenting, safety, and health at each stage of your child’s life.

This AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) parenting website has information about safety and prevention, ages & stages, family life, healthy living, and a variety of topics parents may have questions about.

Helpful resources about health & wellness, temperament, routines, attachment, brain development, and more.

Parent Trust for Washington Children creates lasting change and hope for the future by promoting safe, healthy families and communities. Access pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting classes online, find local resources, or talk with a Parent Coach.

Learn about safe infant sleep recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, unsafe products currently being sold on the market, and much more. Classes are offered in-person throughout Washington and Idaho and online via Zoom.

Family-friendly things to do with kids in Skagit County. Parents can use this easy site to spend less time searching for fun and more time HAVING FUN with their kids!

Additional Resources

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Child Health Promotion Info by Age (English & Spanish)2023-07-05T18:28:04+00:00
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Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids2023-07-05T18:44:21+00:00

The California Surgeon General’s Playbook: Stress Relief for Caregivers and Kids provides tools for caregivers to recognize and manage kids’ stress.

English version

Spanish version


The California Surgeon General’s Playbook for Stress offers guidance on protecting our brains and bodies from stress and daily disruptions.

English version

Spanish version


Bright by Text2023-07-05T19:16:46+00:00

Because kids don’t come with instructions, receive text messages to help you in your parenting journey. We cover it all: tantrums, nutrition, brain-building activities, local events, and much more!
Messages are based on your child’s age, from pregnancy through age 8. Start anytime by texting SKAGIT to 274448. Bright by Text is a non-profit organization. They don’t sell advertising space or share information.

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